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Suppliers Meeting of Randon Companies - Edition 2016.


On August 11, Randon Companies realized the Meeting Suppliers. The event was promoted by corporate purchasing area and it was part of the 11º week for safety, quality and productivity of Randon Companies.

We would like to thank once again your presence at this event. Check bellow the official photo of the meeting:

CRCC Petrobras

To diversify the supply chain, Metaltork studied and defined a product line to attend the Oil & Gas segment. In front of premises to provide in this market, it elaborated an action plan and goals to register itself in Petrobrás, looking for CRCC certified.

This goal was achieved in September, 2015 with the CRCC receiving. The certified is an attestation for fiscal punctuality, economic stability, professional qualification, technical competence, customer portfolio that reference us in market, among other requirements for certification.

CRCC is also the Petrobrás approval to indicate homologated companies as products and services provider, at the national and international level. The certified is so important that is recognized as criteria for provider selection, not only in Petrobrás, but also by its anchor suppliers.

In other words, since the CRCC achievement, Metaltork is qualified to provide products from our manufacturing, not only for Petrobrás, but also become a supplier for suppliers of Petrobrás and/or companies of Petrobás group.

ABEEólica delegation participate of technical visit to Metaltork factory.

“The visit was very
important to association;
discuss the promising
prospects of wind energy
industry on shop floor greatly
enriched the debate.”
“We are prepared for the
future!We invested
massively in last two
years of drastic drop
of market, distance ourselves
of our competitors. Today,
we provide our clients
complete fasteners solutions,
and kits for Wind Energy
sector, without it being
necessary to our customers,
looking for another source
in market.”

The delegation leading by ABEEólica president, Ms. Elbia Gannoum, and the technical director Sandro Yamamoto, were received on last February, 29 ͭ ͪ by Metaltork management, the president Mr. Ivan Reszecki, to a technical visit to factory platform in Diadema City (São Paulo), with purpose of knowing the manufacturing process of fasteners to critical application to Wind Energy segment.

After important investments made by Metaltork, which doubled its production capacity, today is possible support 100% of the “TOTAL” fasteners demand to wind generators and its several components / accessories to all domestic market and with overcapacities to export.

We received the prestige of visits from important customers, providers and entities of sector as “APEX”, which contributed to the success of the event called “Customer Day Metaltork”.

Metaltork, one of the best and largest companies of the sector, operates for more than 58 years in the fasteners manufacturing and special parts to critical application, providing to Wind Energy Industry, Oil & Gas, Hydroelectric, light and heavy automotive, among others.

With purpose of seek constantly the improving of its industrial complex and its production capacity, attending in a fast way and with continuous improvement of its hard quality controls, it announced new investments in machinery and technology, including information technology to process automation, as well as the new certifications developing to comply with the regulations of the exportation to the European common market.

During the meeting, the guests met the factory installation and the productive process to manufacture fasteners and special parts to critical application in it all steps.

We could observe the complete interest and surprise from the visitors, which highlighted the excellent technical level, the standard compliance, the hard quality control, organization and full commitment of Metaltork employees in all aspects, including 5’S.

We know there are great challenges ahead, but we are certain that with the strengthened partnership with our customers, providers and employees, certainly we placed ourselves in a privileged position to fastener market supply.

Metaltork appreciate the presence of all participants, we are at the disposal to cooperate in new projects development with the customary pro-activity of our application engineering.


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